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  • Blog Post: Where were we 3 years ago? "Java apps don't interop with apps built on MS technology."

    Ha! I wrote recently about the history of .NET Interop in the industry, and how perceptions in the industry have changed so much. I was looking for some old benchmark code (dirty little secret - I do not use a project management and code versioning system, but the more code I write, and the older...
  • Blog Post: InfoCard Relying Party for Java, PHP, etc

    I missed this when it came out last month at the Interop event in Las Vegas. Bob Muglia announced that the specs for Information Card have been added to the Open Specification Promise , and there are now several new open source projects set up to deliver code for Relying Party implementations in PHP...
  • Blog Post: Using Virtual PCs to Ship Evaluation Versions of Apps

    Microsoft partners can ship preconfigured Virtual Hard drives (VHDs), containing Windows as well as their own apps, for evaluation purposes. For more on this check out the VHD Test Drive Program, .
  • Blog Post: Use Office 2003 XML Schema, no worries

    In the past I've posted some articles [ 1 , 2 ] about generating Office 2003 documents from a server-side Java application. I also posted some example code . Of note, the Office 2003 XML Reference Schemas are now also available under the Open Specification Promise . Basically, with the OSP, Microsoft...
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