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  • Blog Post: SourceCodeViewerTest

    This is a test private static double ComputeNextPoint(double p0, double p1, Function f) { double fp0 = f(p0); double fp1 = f(p1); double foo = p1 - fp1 * (p1-p0) / (fp1-fp0); // the basic secant formula Console.WriteLine("p0= " + p0.ToString("N9") + " p1= " + p1.ToString("N9") + " result...
  • Blog Post: About this Blog

    This Blog is dedicated to exploring interop opportunities between .NET-based systems and other systems. The key approaches to interop covered here include: W eb services, REST/POX, message queues, dedicated bridges, and others. Dino Chiesa is the primary author of most of these articles. Others may...
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