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  • Blog Post: Sharepoint 2007 Business Data Catalog enables Interop with LOB systems

    I just listened to an on-demand webcast on the Sharepoint Business Data Catalog - aka BDC. The webcast is laboriously called "Office SharePoint Server 2007 Business Data Catalog (Part 1 of 2): Integrating Line-of-Business Data and Applications into Your Enterprise Portal (Level 200)" and is available...
  • Blog Post: BEA AquaLogic User Interface (ALUI) - write portlets in .NET

    Hmm, what's ths?!?! BEA has introduced a new line of stuff, under the name Aqualogic Interface, or ALI (I think). As part of that, there is the Aqualogic User Interface (ALUI?). One of the things under that umbrella is the .NET Application Accelerator , whereby BEA is offering technical magic to enable...
  • Blog Post: on WSRP

    I have a bunch of kids, I lost count after 3. They are all under 10 years of age, as far as I know. They move so fast, that Heisenberg effects occur. You can never really be certain exactly where they are, and exactly how fast or in what direction they are moving. And it's the same thing with their thinking...
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