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  • Blog Post: More on non-standard RPC protocols - Cisco Etch

    I came across this old bit of news - In May, Cisco joined the ranks of vendors that want to introduce a house-brand protocol and description in lieu of the standard ones already available in things like REST, SOAP, and WSDL. Going by the name of Etch, this new thing from Cisco is supposed to solve the...
  • Blog Post: WADL and WSDL and REST, oh my!

    Hernan Garcia made an interesting comment on my post of yesterday: For REST, there is an alternative to the WSDL in SOAP and it is WADL . Good point Mr Garcia - The adoption and practical utility of WADL is worth watching. The question for me becomes whether WADL+REST is actually better than WSDL...
  • Blog Post: Another SOAP and REST discussion, Same Result

    Catching up with some reading, I was looking through the SDTimes issue from January 1st (yes, I know, it is now February. Cut me some slack!). In it, Sanjiva Weerawarana, CEO of WS02, has a guest editorial column about your favorite subject and mine: REST versus SOAP. Nothing really new, to me anyway...
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