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  • Blog Post: Sudoku Generator and Solver in C#

    Seems like building a Sudoku application is almost a compulsory thing for programmers these days. I've written about my prior efforts . Here's an update. Rather than force you all to use the XBAP I published last year, here's a standalone WPF app. C# Source and EXE include. It uses the DLX (Dancing...
  • Blog Post: Sudoku Toy redux - using C# DancingLinks Engine

    A while back I posted a toy app that generates (and optionally solves) a Sudoku puzzle. It was under the rubric of Interop because the inner engine of this toy used an implementation of the Dancing Links engine for Sudoku, built in Java. The original Dancing Links algorithm was proposed by Donald Knuth...
  • Blog Post: Re-use of existing Java code (Sudoku engine)

    Re-use of existing Java code (Sudoku engine) This isn't so much about systems interop, as it is about code re-use and language interop. You've seen Sudoku, the "number place" puzzle. Wikipedia says that it was created by a US puzzle magazine, but popularized (and given its recognized name) by the...
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