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  • Blog Post: MySpace, and Content-Type Negotiation in REST using WCF

    Hah! followup on a hot topic. I posted earlier on content-type negotiation in REST with WCF. My buddy Vittorio wrote about MySpace's kiss-and-tell episode at Mix08. MySpace has exposed a REST interface for the MySpace resources - see for more info - and the designers talked...
  • Blog Post: Hanselman survey of web2.0 APIs for .NET

    Hanselman does a whilrwind tour of the various popular web2.0 systems that have C# or .NET APIs. In my book, this is all interop. What makes it all possible? First: cool, interesting, programmable services. I don't have high value scenarios for programming Picasa, or Twitter, but apparently somebody...
  • Blog Post: Google Social Graph API via C#

    Here's something different for a blog that generally focuses on enterprisey technologies. A .NET guy in Denmark built a C# wrapper on Google's Social Graph API. The Social Graph API exposes its data in JSON only; I guess it is designed to be consumed by web pages. This dev put a C# wrapper together that...
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