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  • Blog Post: Posting Photos from Word 2007

    Woot! This is a test of the Word Blog posting trick, using Fiddler . Fiddler, using a little custom rule, allows Word to post pictures really easily. I picked up this trick from my esteemed colleague Paul Andrew , who picked it up from Rudolph Araujo .
  • Blog Post: using Java to manipulate Word 2007 docx files

    In this article, Ted Neward has a look at the docx format introduced with Word 2007, and demonstrates how Java can read and write it:
  • Blog Post: WordProcessingML doc creation in Java

    A while back, the website offered an example of how to create a WordProcessingML document from within Java code. I even referenced it briefly here . Remember, WordProcessingML is the document format produced and consumed by Microsoft Word 2007, and the format will also be supported...
  • Blog Post: Use Microsoft Word 2007 to write Blog Posts - and post to any server

    This may be old news to some of you, but the beta of Office 2007 includes a new feature that lets you author blog posts, and post them to any server. It generates clean, efficient HTML, contrary to Office 2003's "save as HTML..." option. It provides a streamlined user interface, when you are creating...
  • Blog Post: Java and MS-Word

    Java and MS-Word - followup Earlier this month, I posted some references to some Java->WordML interop material . This is a followup. I proved to myself that it is pretty easy and straightforward to use Java to dynamically create MS-Word documents, conforming to the WordProcessingML schema. Anyone...
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