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DPM Calculator.....

DPM Calculator.....

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This has been advertised a lot recently but thought it was worth a quick post.

The calculator is available here: and is based on the Exchange 2007 Mailbox Storage Requirements Calculator.

**Just a quick note to those who are attempting to get a quick understanding of the number of DPM servers that are going to be needed.  The calculator uses a combination of the following to determine required server numbers:

  • No. of Exchange Servers
  • No. of Storage Groups per Exchange Server
  • Total DPM storage required per Exchange Server
  • Max no. of Storage Groups per DPM Server
  • Maximum Storage Capacity for a DPM Server

The last two bits of information used here are based on 'theoretical' maximums. In other words the product has only been fully tested to these limits.  I believe the product will scale well beyond these limits and therefore less DPM Servers may be required.  Of course I am not advocating ignoring these limits - I am just saying that if the scalability of DPM is something you think is going to be a problem for your deployment then I would recommend considering pushing these limits.  This will be relevant for only a small proportion of enterprise customers and should only be considered where thorough, appropriate testing can be achieved before deployment.

Anyway it's a great piece of work and the calculator makes design a lot easier.

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