Following on from my DCM blog last month here are a few more bits of Powershell that can be fed into DCM…

Checking Autodatabasemountdial:

$cmsobj=Get-MailboxServer | Where-Object { $_.RedundantMachines -contains $server }$cmsname=$
$return=(Get-MailboxServer -id:$cmsname).autodatabasemountdial
Write-host $return

Checking a few of the disclaimer settings are correctly configured:

$return=(get-transportrule -id "External Disclaimer").state
write-host $return

$return=(get-transportrule -id "External Disclaimer").actions | select fontcolor
write-host $return.FontColor

$transportrule=(get-transportrule -id "External Disclaimer")
$return=$transportrule.exceptions | select Patterns
write-host $return.Patterns

$transportrule=(get-transportrule -id "External Disclaimer")
$return=$transportrule.conditions[1] | Select Rank
write-host $return.Rank

Checking a couple of the receive connector settings:

(Get-ReceiveConnector -id "Default $env:servername").MaxMessageSize.ToMB()

$prt=(Get-ReceiveConnector -id "Default $env:servername").select Port

Have a look here for more information: &