Notes from a dark corner

Debugging ASP.NET, the CLR and anything that uses clock cycles.
  • Notes from a dark corner

    Application Verifier 3.0 is available

    Before I forget to mention it, we've just shipped Application Verifier 3.0 on the web. This tool previously shipped as part of the Application Compatibility Toolkit 3.0 but the new version has quite a number of new features to help track down hard to...
  • Notes from a dark corner

    Determining the origin of a static root

    A number of times when debugging managed code I've realised an object is ultimitely rooted in a static member but I've not been sure how to determine where in the application that static is declared. Today I finally got round to figuring out a way to...
  • Notes from a dark corner

    Why my corner is dark

    Why did I choose to call this blog "Notes from a dark corner"? I work in an office where if you stop moving for long enough the lights go off. My job involves trying to figure out why software is not working as expected. Quite often this is not particularly...
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