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  • Blog Post: Turning IIS logs into web tests

    Nice blog post here by MVP Tarun Arora on turning IIS logs into web tests. Great stuff! Doug
  • Blog Post: Web server security and health tools

    A couple of interesting tools for examining and keeping track of server configuration, particularly from the point of view of security: Web Application Configuration Analyzer v2.0 (not just for security, 2003/2008/2008R2) Attach Surface Analyzer Beta (not just for web servers, Vista/2008 and above) HTH...
  • Blog Post: Catching up on all the recently released web development tools and technologies

    You may have noticed that the team headed up by Scott Guthrie that produces things like IIS, ASP.NET, MVC, Web Development Tools, Commerce Server and more, keep producing new stuff at an incredible rate. The other day I came across a post by Vishal Joshi entitled “ Web Developers can feel like Kids in...
  • Blog Post: More web testing tools and resources

    A long time ago I wrote a blog post listing some web testing resources, tools and articles. This is definitely an area that seems to get more and more focus these days. As web applications get more and more critical the need to ensure both functionality and reliability under load gets more obvious. Here...
  • Blog Post: How to trace the activity of an application that calls web services?

    One answer: Fiddler is pretty good for sniffing web traffic from any process (not just the browser). Also WCF now has some good tracing abilities . Traces can then be viewed using the Service Trace Viewer tool . There may be other answers, but I HTH. Doug
  • Blog Post: Object doesn't support this property or method

    This is a short post about a very strange support case I had. I should start by mentioning however that you could see the same error for other reasons, not least of which because you’ve mistyped the property or method name :-). In this particular case the customer had a class ASP web application that...
  • Blog Post: Make sure your test data is right for the job

    I helped out one of colleagues recently whose customer's application hit high CPU in one test environment but not another. The reason for that was that contrary to what they thought, the test data used in one environment was not the same as in the other. Simple problem, easy mistake, easy solution. But...
  • Blog Post: Link: Useful article on ASP.NET Performance...

    Over on the "ACE Team" blog there's a useful blog post with some performance tips for ASP.NET sites . The point about batch compilation and Debug="true" was certainly correct for version 1.1 but I think in ASP.NET 2.0 they are decoupled - so by default batch compilation remains on...
  • Blog Post: Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 now available

    As it says in the title of the post. Read about it on the IE team blog . Read about it on the portal page . Read my previous post on IE8 compatibility.
  • Blog Post: Internet Explorer 8 and web site compatibility

    With Internet Explorer 8 development well advanced and beta 2 due in August it is important to be aware, especially if you develop or maintain any web sites, that IE8 will by default operate in a strict standards compliance mode. One consequence of this is that some (many?) existing web sites may not...
  • Blog Post: Interesting tool for monitoring of client side of web applications

    Microsoft Research have released a very interesting looking prototype of a tool for investigating the performance of the client side of web applications that use JavaScript on the client. You can download it here and there is a usage walkthrough here . Looks useful. Doug
  • Blog Post: Client side testing of web applications

    I've added a link to WatiN to my Testing Web Applications page. I've not used it extensively myself but I have worked with customers who have used it very successfully for performing automated testing of their web UIs. Cheers Doug
  • Blog Post: Testing Web Applications

    You've written your web application and tested it to ensure it all works but how do you know it will be able to take the strain when you launch it on an eager world? Load testing. That's the key. There are many web application load testing tools around. Some are free and some cost an awful log of...
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