You gotta be kidding me! We just opened up registration on Feb 11th, and the thing filled up in 5 days.

For those of you that wanted to come, All I can really say is wait until the next one. We'll try to find a bigger facility, obviously, for the next go around. We have people registered from 8 states for this thing.

As an alternative, there is a Code Camp that we've just opened up registration for in Raleigh, NC, which will run on April 9th. If you want to go, you better jump on it, as I'm sure this one will also fill up very quickly. If you want to speak at this event, download and fill out the speaker form for it.

As a second alternative, there will be a Charlotte Code Camp registration opening up soon. Details on this, including the registration link, will be posted here.

Seriously, these things are really catching on. Thom Robbins has really sparked something big. If you're trying to figure out what Code Camp is, check this and this out for more details.