Many thanks to the volunteers who are keeping things going smoothly.

So far, I've seen great presentations by Todd Fine (Avalon), Chris Williams (GDI Plus), and this great presenter named Doug something ;-) ;-). There are a ton of great presentations going on, but of course, you must choose the talk you want to see, so I'm sure I missed many good talks.

David Catherman's talk must have been pretty solid, since we had 70 seats, and he still had to repeat the topic. Dave, where is your blog, so I can link you, dude?

We have had about 180 folks here, and things have gone relatively smoothly, thanks in large part to the good folks at the Enterprise Developer's Guild.

I also got to hang out with Maxim Karpov, Chris Dix, Bill Ryan, Tobin Titus, and Jim Duffy, all of whom are younger, smarter, and better looking than me.

BTW, Jim, Mindy is looking for you...