My territory as a Developer Evangelist is within the Southeastern US, specifically Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. A recent conversation got me thinking about our most influential bloggers down here. While this is not a scientific survey, I asked several of my friends and peers - who are the bloggers in this area that you read most often?

One side note - and probably a statement about the web itself. Many people said that they don't know where several of their favorite bloggers reside. So, given that there could be some geo-anonymous (is that a word?) bloggers in this area tha we missed, here is the list of bloggers mentioned by the people I asked.

It's not a comprehensive list. It's more about just seeing who others listed as their favorite *local* blogs.

(Oh BTW - I left out the Microsoft employees in the top list, as I was more interested in seeing who in the community is blogging. The MS list is at the bottom)


Shawn Wildermuth –

Jim Wooley –

Todd Miranda -

Keith Elder -

Keith Rome -

Dan Attis -

Jeff Barnes -

Brendon Schwartz and Matt Ranlett -

Robert Cain –

Sean Gerety -

Eric Marvets -

Paul Wilson -

James Shaw -

Greg Young –

Mickey Gousset - 

Barry Ralston -


In addition, there was also some interest in finding out calendars of eventing in these states. So far, I've seen 3 calendars that appear to be kept current. I listed them below.

Some local event Calendars:

Atlanta -

Birmingham -

Huntsville -


Finally, here are some of the Microsoft bloggers in the 3-state area (active blogs only):

Doug Turnure (you're reading it now :-) )

Glen Gordon -

Chad Brooks -

Lewis Curtis -

David Scruggs -

Rob Cameron -

May have missed some folks, but I purposefully let other people send me the data for this, just to see who they mentioned.