Microsoft MVP and overall nice guy Keith Elder will be speaking at the Lower Alabama .NET User Group's May 27th Meeting. Keith is a great speaker, so you want to be sure to make this one.

Presenter: Keith Elder

Topic: Windows Workflow Foundation

Time: 6:00 PM

  Office Mall South
  3100 Cottage Hill Road
  Building 3
  Mobile, AL 36606

Slides available at:

Introduction to Windows Workflow

Foundation Scenario: Your boss gives you a task with fairly complicated business rules one day at work. You spend weeks coding it and as soon as you get done he/she informs you the business rules have changed. Your first thought is to lash out at your boss because this is a major change. Instead you politely smile and say thank you, "I'll get right on it". Little does your boss know you've used Workflow Foundation to map out all the business logic and rules. You quickly make the change declaratively within Workflow Foundation and all of a sudden you are a hero.
Workflow Foundation enables developers to quickly and easily map out complex business tasks that turn their code into declarative models. In this session we'll explore the ins and outs of Workflow Foundation from the ground up so you'll have a good sense of where to get started when you head back to the office.