Brian Hitney and his community have pulled together a *brand spanking new* .NET U course for ASP.NET development. If you are not familiar with .NET U, it is a 1-day free training for developers, with the extra spin of making all the content available for you to re-present if you want to. It straddles pure training, and equipping other speakers, user groups, companies, etc.

Brian and Glen Gordon will again team up to deliver this class.

Here is the outline:

1. ASP.NET Overview

a. Project types, setup, configuration

b. Authentication/authorization

c. Caching

d. Httpmodules/HttpHandlers

e. IIS 7


a. Overview, history

b. Working with Javascript in VS2008

c. AJAX fundamentals

d. Webservices (ASMX and WCF)

3. MVC

a. Why MVC, what it offers

b. Dive into the specifics of the components

c. Getting Started

d. Testing

4. Virtual Earth / Live Services

a. Most of the talk is centered around consuming VE

b. Overview of cloud services, things coming down the pike.


This is a great offering, and is free to the public. Registration information is at:

This will be held at the Microsoft Alpharetta offices. I think I might even attend this one, it looks so good :-)