Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be making some changes to the Visual Studio Connect site, which is used for product feedback and downloads. Many of the changes are to the back end, and should not be noticeable to our users. We are migrating the storage, and will be retiring some of the feedback history from older releases.

Why are we doing this? – Over the years, we’ve used a couple of different storage mechanisms for feedback, and it is becoming cumbersome to maintain both the older and newer systems. It is mildly interesting to maintain old feedback that we have already processed, but continuing to map it in and out of our Connect site does not seem strategic. We will keep the older feedback available for our team, so nothing will be lost.

The truth is, we get a ton of feedback, and we evaluate every item submitted. At the same time, our developers have to continue building the next version of Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. It is difficult to strike the perfect balance, but we do our best. I know that many of you are also developers, and understand the complexities of fixing as many things as possible, while still moving forward. As we finalize this migration, I will lay out a longer term plan for feedback, and will make it as transparent as possible. One thing is certain, we will continue to accept and analyze all of your feedback, which is foundational to building a better product.