Windows Phone 7 devices started appearing in Finland in November 2010, and during these brief months, there has been a lot of interest in developing applications for this new platform. I’ve been working with different mobile platforms and their development tools, but find the tools Windows Phone 7 platform uses to be well integrated. Shortly put, the experience is smooth.

As an additional benefit, I can directly utilize the .NET based code – for instance written with C# – written for other solutions in my mobile applications. For many different application types, the main technology for Windows Phone 7 applications is Silverlight. You might have heard the name when it comes to web technologies, too.

If you are focusing on game development, try XNA. XNA is Microsoft’s .NET based game development framework that is suitable for writing games for not only the Windows Phone 7 platform, but also the PC and the Xbox 360. You can share your C# code between all these platforms, and develop to all these three pieces of hardware simultaneously.

If you are interested in Windows Phone 7 development with .NET and Visual Studio + Expression Blend, be sure to visit Microsoft’s workshop space, especially since this is the first time you can try the phones hands-on.

If you are ready for a new technical challenge, be sure to try Windows Phone 7 development!


Jani Järvinen
Moonsoft Oy
Software developer, trainer, consultant