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    Prism 2.0 - First Drop

    Woo Hoo! We just released the first drop of Prism 2.0 on our CodePlex site here . For this first iteration we've focused solely on the "multi-targeting" aspects of Prism (UI composition and modularity support will follow soon though). By multi...
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    Application Architecture Guide 2

    Those of you who remember ye olde days of yore when .NET 1.0 and 1.1 were the latest and greatest thing may also remember the Patterns and Practices Application Architecture Guide . It was published waaay back in December 2002, and it has consistently...
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    Prism on DNR and MSDN

    Patterns & practices alumni Glenn Block has been busy writing and talking about Prism 1.0 recently: First up, he and Brian Noyes recorded an interview with those nice Dot Net Rock chaps at TechEd which just got posted here . Looking forward to listening...
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    And The Survey Says...

    In my last post on the Prism 2.0 project, I alluded to the exactly-what-it-sounds-like "Vision/Scope kick-off meeting". For all Patterns and Practices projects we put together a Vision/Scope deck that we present to the rest of the P&P team...
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