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  • Blog Post: Using IVsProfferCommands to retrieve a Visual Studio CommandBar

    If you are an add-in developer, you are probably familiar with adding menu items and toolbar buttons to the Visual Studio environment. In most instances add-in developers take their cue from the code generated by the Visual Studio Add-in Project Wizard. For example, the following code is generated...
  • Blog Post: Using EnableVSIPLogging to identify menus and commands with VS 2005 + SP1

    One of the most frequently asked questions related to Visual Studio Package and Add-in development concerns how to add additional menus and commands to a specific dropdown or context menu in the Visual Studio IDE. Adding the menu or command is the easy part. Add-in developers typically use the Commands2...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Extensibility Demystified

    Since we have placed the VS 2005 SDK 3.0 on the Microsoft Download Center in September, we have seen a lot of developers downloading the SDK. The developers who are using the SDK now are no longer just developers who build commercial VSIP products. Users of the SDK now include students and developer...
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