First, there was John Topley's post earlier in the week.  I particularly enjoyed it as it was from a third party, disassociated with Microsoft and from a declared platform neutral guy.  Then today, I read Chris Pratley's excellent post on Word.  While Chris is a Microsoft guy, his post hits the nail on the head when it comes to how most all of us at Microsoft approach our work.  This is the real deal folks.  No conspiracies, no Illuminati, no “grand design.“


I particularly enjoyed his reference to the Windows team.  How right he is!


Microsoft is an incredibly competitive place.  Yes, we compete with other software companies, but we also complete A LOT with ourselves.  Cross group collaboration can be a problem, as it is with most companies Microsoft’s size.  Everyone has different customer segments that they’re trying their hardest to serve.  From each Product Group’s perspective, their customer is their primary focus – not the needs of other Product Groups.  Conflicts emerge.  Hackles get raised.  Occasionally, some higher-power Execs step-in and kick some fannies and things get rolling again.  Most of the time they just work things out among themselves.