The clock continues to count down for the start of TechEd 2006 in Boston. We're now exactly one month away from the kickoff on June 11th. I wouldn't actually recommend showing up at the convention center exactly one month from now. Even though the registration will be open, the keynote isn't until 7 PM so you'd be sitting around for 11 hours with nothing to do but shop at the TechEd store.

Here's something you could do with that time though: I'm looking for topic suggestions for some microtalks to give during the week about channels and transports. Use the email link to send them in or just post your ideas in comments

I'm also looking for suggestions about what you want to see running on this blog while I'm away. I probably won't have regular time to write articles during that week so I may need to put in some filler. Here are your voting options:

  1. Compile some of the older posts together and show reruns.
  2. Run a five-part series explaining how null messages get processed.
  3. Write a daily conference report with pictures from the convention floor.

I hope you picked option 3 because that's what you're getting. Although if there's a problem getting an Internet connection in Boston, let me tell you now that the handling for null messages is absolutely fascinating.

Next time: Understanding HTTP Authentication