After a long period of dormancy, several documents related to the SOAP 1.2 standard appeared shortly before Christmas. The first four of these documents are a second edition of the SOAP 1.2 specification that incorporate all of the errata found in previous publications.

SOAP Version 1.2 Part 0: Primer (Second Edition)

SOAP Version 1.2 Part 1: Messaging Framework (Second Edition)

SOAP Version 1.2 Part 2: Adjuncts (Second Edition)

SOAP Version 1.2 Specification Assertions and Test Collection (Second Edition)

The comment period for all of these editorial revisions runs through February 2nd.

The other document is the missing third part of SOAP that covers one-way messaging patterns.

SOAP 1.2 Part 3: One-Way MEP

I find this one pretty disappointing given the wait considering that it totally punts the issue of error handling with one-way messages. The only guidance is that one-way messages may result in a SOAP fault but nothing is explained about how to deliver or process that fault. Error handling is the hard part of one-way messaging so there's no meat to this specification without it.