Are you someone that's interested in using Service Broker together with WCF? If so, would you like to answer a few questions? I went surveying for SSB users at a Microsoft MVP event last night, but now is your chance to participate as well. I got to talk to five or six casual and not-so-casual SSB users, including SSB champion enthusiast Harry Pierson (second place: Jesus Rodriguez). Here are some points that I picked out where I'd like some more data.

  1. Are you interested in SSB because you'd like to have your service closer to the database? How close is close enough to the database?
  2. Are you interested in SSB because you need durable, duplex messaging between two services? Do you need exactly-once-in-order message delivery?
  3. Are you interested in using SSB from WCF because you want a better asynchronous messaging experience than MSMQ? What makes you prefer SSB to other queuing products?
  4. Are you interested in having your data contracts defined in WCF, SQL, or both?