Scott Guthrie revealed details about the Silverlight 2.0 release last week including that a public beta is coming soon.

Here are the details that you probably care about:

  • The full download for the Silverlight beta release is a bit more than 4 MB
  • Silverlight runs in a variety of browsers and on both OSX and Windows
  • The beta includes a subset of the WCF client libraries including the ability to create proxies and call WCF endpoints

Scott also has a number of tutorials published about writing a Silverlight sample application.

  1. Part 1: Creating "Hello World" with Silverlight 2 and VS 2008
  2. Part 2: Using Layout Management
  3. Part 3: Using Networking to Retrieve Data and Populate a DataGrid
  4. Part 4: Using Style Elements to Better Encapsulate Look and Feel
  5. Part 5: Using the ListBox and DataBinding to Display List Data
  6. Part 6: Using User Controls to Implement Master/Details Scenarios
  7. Part 7: Using Templates to Customize Control Look and Feel
  8. Part 8: Creating a Digg Desktop Version of our Application using WPF

I'll be able to tell you more about the WCF subset once the beta actually comes out.