Here are the stats from the world around us.

Number of posts in 2008: 255, which happens to be the same as last year

Total number of posts: 760, the next milestone prediction will probably be off by two weeks

Most Read Articles During 2008

  1. Preventing Anonymous Access (last year #6)
  2. How to: Enabling Streaming (last year #5)
  3. Configuring HTTP for Windows Vista (last year #1)
  4. Inside the Standard Bindings: NetTcp (last year #2)
  5. Inside the Standard Bindings: BasicHttp (last year #4)
  6. Net.Tcp Port Sharing Sample, Part 1 (last year #3)
  7. Configuring HTTP (last year #10)
  8. Making Sense of Transport Quotas (last year #8)
  9. Configuring WCF for NATs and Firewalls (not ranked last year)
  10. Net.Tcp Port Sharing Sample, Part 2 (last year #7)

The list of most frequently read articles was surprisingly stable. No articles written in 2008 made the list for the year. The most frequently read article written in 2008 came in overall at #12.

Most Read Articles Written in 2008

  1. DataMember Best Practices
  2. What's New in Orcas
  3. WCF, WF, and BizTalk Sessions at TechEd
  4. WCF Security Guidance Project
  5. Disabling the Visual Studio Service Host
  6. Configuring SSL Host Headers
  7. Customizing Exceptions for Validation
  8. Differences in Enum Serialization
  9. New Toy MSDeploy
  10. .NET 4.0 and Dublin