So…I was trying to think up a witty title for my first blog post. The problem is that this really isn’t my first blog post. Its actually my second first blog post. I started blogging a couple years ago, but my blog went stale after I switched teams, so I decided to clean it out, give my blog a makeover and start blogging again…

Regarding the witty title…I think Hello World has been beaten to death. Hello Cloud didn’t sound right…Hello Cloudy World, well I am a Seattle resident now, but that title seemed a little too gloomy. BTW Seattle is the most beautiful place I have ever lived, and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t rain every day…

So I decided to keep it simple and go with just Hi :)

So what with all the cloud references in the blog? I felt it fitting with the current team I am on. What team you ask? The SQL Server Data Services team. You know, the team that everyone has been talking about as of late. The team that a couple short weeks ago announced our new highly scalable, on demand data storage and query processing utility service.

What’s this blog all about you ask? Well it is going to be mostly focused on developing solutions on top of SSDS, but there will also be tidbits of other cool technology and an occasional rant or two.

What do I do on the SSDS team? I am a Program Manager which is the coolest job in the world. I get to not only design and drive product features, but I also get to write demo code, give presentations and talk with the most important people in the world – the customers.

So, this is it for the first post…Thanks for reading….


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