Hey Everyone,

I wanted to give a quick update. Things on the team are cranking. There is a definite excitement in the air. We just started Sprint 8 and are getting ready for TechEd North America which is in LA and starts on May 11th. We are planning three sessions for TechEd this year. We will be presenting a What’s New in SDS session, a Roles and Responsibilities of managing a SDS database session, and my favorite, Developing apps with SDS and Windows Azure. I’ll post more details on the sessions in a couple weeks.

I am really looking forward to talking with people at TechEd. My thoughts are that by the time TechEd rolls around, people will have transitioned from the “Wow!!!” to the “How???” and should have some good questions and scenarios that we can help them enable. If there is anything specific you would like to see, please let me know.

Also, anyone planning on coming to TechEd, drop me an email @ david.robinson@microsoft.com. I’d love to chat.