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  • Blog Post: Eugenio's experience migrating an app to SDS

    Quick heads up. Eugenio has a blog posting on his experience migrating an app to SDS. The part about the posting that I like the most is his developing locally on SQL Express and just changing his connection string. Check it out here . -Dave
  • Blog Post: Best Practice - Take Advantage of Concurrency

    In the first best practice , we looked at how we can gain maximum performance out of SSDS by partitioning our data across multiple containers. In this post, we are going to look at how we can take advantage of the many SSDS front end servers to maximize our applications performance. SSDS is an Internet...
  • Blog Post: Best Practice - Data Partitioning

    As you all should know by now, SSDS uses what we call the ACE model, compared to a traditional relational model. ACE standing for Authority, Container, and Entity. Keep in mind that you could directly map your relational tables directly to SSDS Entities, we will cover that in another posting. This is...
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