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October, 2006

  • random dross

    High-bit ASCII obfuscation

    Here’s another new obfuscation technique I’ve seen in use on malicious web sites recently. Check out the following HTML: <html><meta http-equiv=content-type content='text/html; charset=us-ascii'></head><body>¼óãòéðô¾áìåòô¨¢Ôèéó...
  • random dross

    Recursive Obfuscation

    Thanks to Jonathan Ness for pointing me to an example of a new obfuscation technique that attempts to thwart the eval() à alert() trick . Take a look at the following obfuscation script: 1 <script> 2 function N(F,D) 3 { 4 if (!D) D = ' "#%()-./012348...
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