When we first announced the public download of DryadLINQ, academic researchers and scientists were the primary audience we had in mind. Since the announcement, we received a number of inquiries from commercial users who would like to try the technology but cannot under the existing licensing. To remove this roadblock, Microsoft Research is now providing DryadLINQ under an additional license that allows for non-academic use. The new package is available from our Microsoft Connect site. It will show up in the Downloads area after you register with Connect, sign in and join our evaluation program. If you decide to evaluate DryadLINQ, we encourage you to use our forum to ask questions and provide feedback.


Another common question we get is whether Dryad and DryadLINQ are available on Windows Azure. They are not. However, if you would like them to be, you should consider casting your votes at http://www.mygreatwindowsazureidea.com. We are glad to see that some of you already have!