Doug Seven

Director of Product Management, Visual Studio

March, 2007

  • Doug Seven

    MVP Podcast Including an Interview with Communtiy Technologies Team

    A coupole weeks ago the MVP Summit was in town. Sandy , Alan and I have the dubious honor to be interviewed by Rich and Dave of NxtGenUG . Shortly after that, Russ Nemhauser, a developer on my team, was interviewed where he drooled on and on about his...
  • Doug Seven - RC Almost Baked

    After several months of work, changing dependancies, a couple designs, and a handful of UI attempts, we are getting ready to release a Beta of the community platform we have been working on ( Codename: Athens Athens Microsoft...
  • Doug Seven

    MXPS Communities Team Interview

    Sandy , YAG , and I were recently interviewed by Rich Costall and Dave McMahon of the Next Generation User Group ( NxtGenUG ) during the MVP Summit in Seattle. You can listen to the interview here (titled " The One With A Dubious Reputation ..., - Show...
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