Doug Seven

Director of Product Management, Visual Studio

March, 2008

  • Doug Seven

    A Little on LINQ

    Recently I was involved (only a little) in preparing some of the Visual Studio Launch content for the February 27th launch event (and subsequent worldwide events). During the preparation we held "train-the-trainer" meetings where people who...
  • Doug Seven

    Upcoming Events I am Speaking At

    In March and April I am actually a bit busy espousing prolifically about topics near and dear to me. I have a couple internal Microsoft events I am speaking at - one to what we call our Inner Circle Partners , and the other to System Integrators . In...
  • Doug Seven


    For years I have used as a test URL - a place where I could throw up some demo apps or test some things. For a long time it hosted a demo of the Codezone Community Search (the same Community search in the Visual Studio Help System). The...
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