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Director of Product Management, Visual Studio

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    Accountability in a Scrum World

    One day last week, I was reflecting on the day I had, whihc included a Sprint retrospective of a failed Sprint - the second consecutive failed Sprint. This got me thinking about accountability. Specifically in the terms of Scrum methodology. In a Scrum team of peers from different disciplines (and different managers), such as PM, Dev and Test, how is the team held accountable for their results?...
  • Doug Seven

    Software Design Engineer in Test (SDET) Opening in Community Technologies

    Are you intrigued by the world of open source development? Are you interested in enabling shared source development at Microsoft? We are building the premier collaborative software development platform for the .NET developer community and need an experienced...
  • Doug Seven

    Mix06: Day Two - Keynote

    Notes from the Mix06 conference, day two keynote....
  • Doug Seven

    Mix06: Day One - Live and WPF

    I attended a couple more sessions today, The Windows Live Platform: Build Applications That Have Access to 400 Million Address Book, and 13 Billion Contacts! and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF): The Opportunity for WPF Applications in the Brower...
  • Doug Seven

    Other MXPS Bloggers

    There are a few other people from MXPS (Microsoft eXperience Platform Solutions - the group I work in) at Mix06. Oliveier Ribet, Tarlochan Cheema, Tim Pearson and Jon Gallant . Jon is blogging his Mix06 experience as well, so be sure to check it out regularly...
  • Doug Seven

    Mix06: Day One - BillG Keynote

    Notes from the BillG keynote on day one of the Mox06 conference....
  • Doug Seven

    Test Driven Development with Visual Studio Team System

    On Monday, February 27th I gave a presentation at the User Group meeting in Redmond, WA. The slides and demo code are attached....
  • Doug Seven

    Software Development Engineer in Communities Technologies Team

    I am looking for a star developer to add to my team - the team that builds the community infrastucture for, such as web forums (, blogs (, GotDotNet (, Codezone Community Search and "Smart Components."...
  • Doug Seven

    Codezone Community Search on

    This is simply an exciting week! Today the MSDN & TechNet Platform Group (MTPG) released their new search UI beta, featuring Codezone Community search results. This search UI is the same search experience...
  • Doug Seven

    Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 RTM

    Today was an exciting day around campus. Today Micrsoft released-to-manufacturing (RTM) Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005. Two new products that will have a huge impact in both the developer space as well as the enterprise space. Quite exciting!...
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