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December, 2008

  • Dianne Siebold's WebLog

    Import Credit Card Transactions for Expense Mgmt

    This post is from the “too helpful not to share” file. I received this information recently on how to import credit card transactions for expense management in Dynamics AX 2009. To set up importing of credit card transactions into expense management...
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    Restart AOS When Service WSDL Contains an Enum

    I recently heard about an issue in Dynamics AX 2009 when adding a service reference or even a reference to a DLL within the AOT. For instance, if you add a reference to a service, call the service and then receive an error, it may be due to problems with...
  • Dianne Siebold's WebLog

    AIF Services & Locale

    I was recently included on an e-mail thread in which the question as to how AIF web services handle localization was raised. For example, if you have caller in Germany invoking a service that’s hosted in France, how is localization of the data and error...
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