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June, 2007

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About compiler padawan.

Hiya!  My name is Danny Simmons, and I used to be a developer on the entity framework team, now I work on an incubation product involving ahead-of-time compilation of c#.

This blog is almost entirely about the Entity Framework.

  • compiler padawan

    Non-scalar Value Objects aka "Complex Types"

    Yesterday there was a post on the ADO.Net Orcas forum asking if it is possible to map two entities to a single row in a single table using the entity framework. The motivation/scenario behind this request was an entity which had an address as part of...
  • compiler padawan

    Persistence Ignorance: OK, I think I get it now.

    Let me apologize up front for how long it has taken me to get back to this topic . What I can say, though, is that in the intervening interval I have devoted real time to studying agile design principles and domain driven design. Initially I thought...
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