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September, 2007

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    EF CodeGen Events for Fun and Profit (aka How to add custom attributes to my generated classes)

    Update 1/11/08: Between beta 2 and beta 3 there was a breaking change in the way events are fired during codegen. The metadata item that is being generated is no longer supplied as the "sender" of the event. Instead it comes in the TypeSource property...
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    EF Persistence Ignorance Recap

    I had someone email me a question today about POCO, IPOCO, persistence ignorance and the EF, and I responded to them with a summary of sorts which I thought might be helpful to some other folks, so I'm going to post it here as well. There's not a change...
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    More about embedding metadata in resources...

    Updated 2/16/2009: This issue was fixed before 3.5sp1 was released. So you should not have this problem if you are using the RTM bits. If you are seeing an exception when using an EF model with embedded resources in a unit test, then your problem might...
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    See you at DevConnections in Las Vegas

    I just got through signing up to attend DevConnections in Las Vegas in early November. Because of some things going on in my family situation, I normally do almost everything I can to avoid travel, but I've really been wanting the opportunity to get to...
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    Concepts Part I: Getting an entity model up and running

    I've been thinking for a while about a series of blog posts I'd like to write explaining various Entity Framework concepts, particularly those related directly to writing code using the framework--by that I mean that I will concentrate more on using the...
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