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May, 2008

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    New in version 0.5 of the FAQ…

    · Some minor formatting edits. · Updated: 1.2 Where else should I go to learn more about the EF? · New: 9.3 What does the SelectValue builder method do? What is “select value” in Entity SQL? · New: 18.4 How many Includes can I have in a query...
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    Why use the Entity Framework?

    There are a number of places where you can read an introduction to the Entity Framework, listen to a podcast about it, or watch a screen cast or video of an interview. Even with these various resources, though, there are so many different data access...
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    A little more about SP1 Beta and the EF

    Just a quick note to point out a few interesting things about the updated version of the EF which shipped this week with the beta of VS 2008 / .Net 3.5 SP1: The initial announcement didn't include links to updated versions of the documentation or...
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    Lazy Loading

    There's a lot going on today! Not only has VS 2008 SP1 Beta been released (with the EF fully integrated into setup and including a number of new features and bug fixes), but also Jarek Kowalski, who is a really smart colleague on the EF team, put up the...
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