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July, 2008

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    Entity Framework Intro up on dnrTV

    I recently recorded a couple of dnrTV episodes which give some basic introduction to parts of the Entity Framework. It's my hope that these will help people quickly get some ideas about what the EF can do and how to get started using it. The first episode...
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    Part 2 of dnrTV about the Entity Framework now up

    Check it out at . In this episdoe we build on the first EF dnrTV by looking at using the EF in a variety of scenarios including ASP.Net web pages with the Entity Data Source Control and with ASP.Net Dynamic...
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    Software Development Meme

    Julie Lerman called me out to participate in this set of questions about how folks got started programming, and it is fun to hear about those kinds of things. So here are my answers and at the bottom a few more people I’ll add to the process. How old...
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    The Sights and Colors of Summer in Seattle

    We had some family come in from out of state for a visit this week, so we decided to see how much of the sights in and around the Seattle area we could cram into a few days. My wife, her mom and her cousin together took over 1100 pictures in 3 days as...
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