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EF FAQ updated

EF FAQ updated

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As always, the FAQ lives at

New in this version of the FAQ…

·         Upgraded to version 1.0 in honor of EF v1.0 shipping.

·         Re-organized into multiple sections to improve load/update times (re-numbered sections in the process).

·         Updated: 1.2 Where else should I go to learn more about the EF?

·         Updated: 1.4 How can I get the bits?

·         Updated: 1.5 When will the Entity Framework be released?

·         Updated: 2.2 Does Entity Framework have support for "Persistence Ignorance"?  What is Persistence Ignorance?  What is POCO? IPOCO?

·         New: 1.6 Where can I learn about plans for EF v2?

·         New: 9.3 How can I create an ObjectContext using a store connection that has already been created?

·         New: 14.4 How can I use stored procedures that only return simple types?

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