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November, 2009

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Hiya!  My name is Danny Simmons, and I've been a software developer for quite a while (much but not all of it at Microsoft).  I've worked on many different products including the Outlook, Live Meeting, the Entity Framework and a number of incubation projects.  Currently I'm working in Azure Information Management and Machine Learning on program synthesis.

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    AttachAsModified revisited

    It seems like on a fairly regular basis these days I encounter a question or an issue about the EF to which the answer is “I know I wrote a blog post about that…”  Then when I go search my blog and find the post I discover that the post was written...
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    It’s time to rip up EntityBag and throw it away

    A couple of years ago when the overall shape of what we would ship in the first release of the entity framework became apparent, I realized that one of the biggest issues users of that release would fight with was creating N-tier applications.  So...
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