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January, 2010

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    Deleting Foreign-Key Relationships in EF4

    I try to keep up with blog posts on the net which involve the entity framework, and this afternoon I came across this post where someone had been experimenting with EF4 and encountered some cases where things didn’t behave as they expected.  I started...
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    Simple Query Results Caching with EF4

    Recently I spent some time working with a customer who was working on converting an existing application which had originally been written against an old 4GL database technology to .Net and EF4. The programming patterns used in the app were a lot different...
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    Check surroundings for safety

    And now for something completely different…  My wife took this picture recently, and every time I see it I can’t decide whether I want to laugh or run away screaming “NOT SAFE!  NOT SAFE!” I’ll leave figuring out the context of the picture as...
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    EF Merge Options and Compiled Queries

    Recently there have been some questions about compiled queries and how they relate to merge options.  As I looked into it I realized that I didn’t fully understand the details of how it all worked, so I walked down the hall and spent a little while...
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    Handling Concurrency: It’s a Matter of Trust

    (with apologies to Billy Joel <grin>) Last summer I wrote a few articles for MSDN Magazine about N-Tier patterns with the Entity Framework ( Entity Framework- Anti-Patterns To Avoid In N-Tier Applications , Entity Framework- N-Tier Application Patterns...
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