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July, 2010

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About compiler padawan.

Hiya!  My name is Danny Simmons, and I used to be a developer on the entity framework team, now I work on an incubation product involving ahead-of-time compilation of c#.

This blog is almost entirely about the Entity Framework.

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    EF Query Tuning

    Continuing on the topic of application performance tuning, let’s turn our attention specifically to the EF and take a look at some of what’s going on under the covers with EF queries. Question #1: Where is the hot path? The first thing to think about...
  • compiler padawan

    Application Performance Tuning Philosophy

    I’m in the process of embarking on some investigation and discussion with folks about performance tuning EF apps (in particular I’m going to dive into a critical area or two on my D3 project ), and the more I thought about this, the more convinced I became...
  • compiler padawan

    D3: Implementing the WCF Service

    D3 release 0.1322 is now available.  The work that went into this release is all about building out the WCF service which D3 will use as the interface between our mid-tier and the client.  I encountered a grab bag of issues along the way, so...
  • compiler padawan

    EntityRoots – An EF Extensibility Exercise

    A little while back I was working on a project for one of the other teams in the Data and Modeling Group where we were building an EDM which was not huge but nevertheless had a number of entity sets, and I was trying various strategies to make the model...
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