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  • Blog Post: Miscellaneous

    Part of the Entity Framework FAQ . 18. Multi-threading 18.1. What is the recommendation for running a multithreaded application on Entity Framework? Is Entity Framework thread-safe? Entity Framework, like most of the rest of the .Net framework, is by and large NOT thread-safe. So if you want...
  • Blog Post: Entity Services, Metadata & Mapping

    Part of the Entity Framework FAQ . 13. EDM 13.1. Does Entity Framework support Abstract types in EDM models? In Entity Framework it is possible to declare Abstract types in EDM model (csdl file) — i.e. no entity instances can be created for these types, but types can be derived from them. In...
  • Blog Post: Object Services & Using the APIs

    Part of the Entity Framework FAQ . 9. Object Services 9.1. What is ObjectContext.Detach() method used for? ObjectContext.Detach() -- will detach an object from the ObjectStateManager associated with an object context so that it can be attached to some other context or reclaimed by the garbage...
  • Blog Post: Query

    Part of the Entity Framework FAQ . 6. Query 6.1. How is Span used? What is Span? (aka. How does the EF support eager-loading?) The span feature makes it possible to pre-fetch related entities. Span can be defined as a builder method, "Include", which makes it simpler to specify span rules in...
  • Blog Post: Entity Classes & Architecture Patterns

    Part of the Entity Framework FAQ . 2. Architecture and Patterns 2.1. Does Entity Framework have support for entity objects being responsible to save changes themselves (rather than a central Save method on object context)? This is something we considered but in the end rejected in favor of the...
  • Blog Post: Entity Framework FAQ

    The EF FAQ has moved (and been updated substantially). It can now be found at
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