From Chris Cooper…


This week we had a customer attempting to setup a Team Foundation Version Control Proxy for TFS 2010. He had followed the instructions in the install guide but was receiving the following error when trying to connect from Visual Studio:

The source control proxy 'tfs10' is not responding, so the request will be sent to the main server.  Please verify your settings.
Additional information:
  The element 'Server' has invalid child element 'Uri'.

Looking at the install guide, under the section titled “How to: Connect Team Foundation Server Proxy to Team Foundation Server” the instructions read:

For example, if you wanted to cache version control files for every project in the default collection on a deployment of Team Foundation Server, the <Uri> element might look like this:





If you wanted to cache version control files for multiple collections, you would use multiple <Uri> elements that look like this:





It seems we probably have a documentation bug. (Which I’ve reported but wanted to let you know about so hopefully this does not affect you too)

It turns out that you cannot set the proxy for each project collection hosted, but you can set it for the TFS server that you wish to cache files for thusly: