Deepak Mittal brings us this support experience today.... 

Problem Description

If you are upgrading from TFS 2010 to TFS 2012 and in 2010 you did not have build configured on the server, you may get this issue:

“Build Service Verifications” – Error.
TF254027: You must correct all errors before you continue.”
“Detailed Results:”
User DomainName\UserName needs the ‘ManageBuildResources’ permission to add, update, or delete the build resources on the server.


To fix this issue, we need to provide the ManageBuildResources permission to the project collection administrator group.
First we have to find the NameSpace which was basically BuildAdministration
Then we have to find the token which was BuildPrivieleges
Then Action which is “ManageBuildResources”
Then we have to run the command TFSSecurity /a+ BuildAdministration BuildPrivieleges ManageBuildResources ALLOW n:”[Servername]\Project Collection Administrator” /collection:<collectionURL>
The above article does not clearly talk about how to fetch the tokens available for a Namespace, you can get this information from the database table TFS_SecurityToken (though as a general rule, directly accessing the TFS SQL Server tables should be avoided unless directed by Microsoft support).