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Determining Process Template of an existing Team Project in TFS 2012

Determining Process Template of an existing Team Project in TFS 2012

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Following comes to us from Premal Ghelashah:


I have always had difficulty in identifying the process template used to create a team project. One way is to go to Portal settings for the team project. There will be a process guidance document which will have information related to the process template used to create the Team Project, but that is only available when you've integrated with SharePoint on your TP... but what if you haven't?

Here's a way to find out using a simple SQL Select:

SELECT [name], [value]
      FROM [Tfs_DefaultCollection].[dbo].[tbl_project_properties]
   where [name] like '%Process%' and [project_id]=(SELECT [project_id]
 FROM [Tfs_DefaultCollection].[dbo].[tbl_projects]
 where project_name like '%<put project name here>%')


This implies you can access the TFS back-end SQL DB of course. If you can't, ask your admin for help. :-)

  • I Tried it with below query- it was executed successfully, but Zero row was affected...did not get any information.

    SELECT [name], [value]

         FROM [Tfs_DefaultCollection].[dbo].[tbl_project_properties]

      where [name] like '%Process%' and [project_id]=(SELECT [project_id]

    FROM [Tfs_DefaultCollection].[dbo].[tbl_projects]

    where project_name like '%TestProject%')

  • Both Premal and I have run this in SQL 2008 R2 used for TFS 2012 and it works. Here's another one - just change the collection name in the first line. It will list the projects in it, and the process template they use:

    USE Tfs_DefaultCollection

    Select tbl_projects.project_name as "Team Project",

    tbl_project_properties.value as "Process Template"

    from tbl_projects

    inner join tbl_project_properties

    on tbl_projects.project_id = tbl_project_properties.project_id

    where like '%Process Template%'

  • Hey Trevor

    This does not seem to work on TFS 2013.

    We only have these names in the tbl_prject_properties table:



    No "Process Template" unfortunately :(

  • I'll look into this tomorrow during office hours and loop back.

  • Really old thread, I wondered the same thing. I have the same problem as Michel Zahnder had. It might be because he uses a collection that was upgrade from an older version of TFS. We use 2010 at the moment but our collection was upgraded (moved) from a previous TFS installation that was even older.

  • Additional answers available from StackOverflow:

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