Deepak Mittal, Support Escalation Engineer, brings to us the unique issue that he faced after the installation and restart of Team Foundation Server 2013 on Windows 2012 R2

Issue:-After the installation of TFS2013 and restart of the server, Except Local Administrator , None of the user able to logon on windows 2012 R2 server.

 In the event log you will see the following error:

"The User Profile service service failed to sign-in" In Application event logs - 1500

Log Name:      Application

Source:        Microsoft-Windows-User Profiles Service

Date:          1/31/2014 3:37:22 PM

Event ID:      1500

Task Category: None

Level:         Error


User:  abcdomain\adminuser


Description: Windows cannot log you on because your profile cannot be loaded. Check that you are connected to the network, and that your network is functioning correctly.

Details - Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed.

Cause - You have installed TFS on the machine and it got 4 log files created under C:\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\TfsSQMLog\





 All users don't have even READ permission due to that it is failing to create the user profile

 Resolution -

Grant Users group READ permission on the TfsSQMLog folder, located at path "C:\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\TfsSQMLog\". It seems these logs should have been deleted after TFS installation but due to some installation issue or limited permissions issue logs in C:\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\TfsSQMLog\ does not get deleted completely.

Additional suggestions:

Check to verify the TFS installation as well

Written by: Deepak Mittal, Support Escalation Engineer

Reviewed by: Romit Gulati and Nitish Napgal(Support Escalation Engineers)