Problem Description:

CssIteration attribute which you define in the test case to update the Iteration path does not perform the operation as expected out of it, during the migration of test cases using TCM.exe to Test case workitem. 


 This attribute currently does not update the iteration path as you all might think. 

Work around: 

There are two workaround possible to overcome this:

 a. After migrating the test cases, export the test cases to excel and change the iteration path and import them back.

b. Make a query for all the work item which you just migrated in team explorer and change the iteration path like below:

Query all the test cases which you have imported.

 Select them in the results and say “Edit selected work items”

 This is from TSWA 2012, but same should be possible with 2010 as well.



 -Change the “iteration path” field to your desired value.



Hope this should help.

Content developed by: Deepak Mittal
Content reviewed by: Teodora Stanev