This post is written by ALM Support Escalation Engineer, Deepak Mittal. It explains the two specific issues while profiling the application with Visual Studio 2012. Read on..


 Problem Description:

Recently while working with the customer, found two unique issues with profiling the application   with visual studio 2012.

a.  Vsperfcmd.exe was throwing below error while profiling:

Error: VSP 7008: exception: "The web site could not be configured correctly; getting ASP.NET process information failed. Requesting 'http://localhost:10803/VSEnterpriseHelper.axd' returned an error:Unable to connect to the remote server"


We found that customer was having another application running on IIS which was creating lucene files. These files are used for search index on the application. Profiler try to modify the web.config files for the application. 

However, these lucene files were blocking the editing of the web.config files. In can you have an application creating lucene files, please stop those applications first and delete the files and then run the profiler again. These files will be named like this: lucene-abcd111112222-write.lock


b. While running the profiler for an application from visual studio,We get the following error:

web.config file is already in use by another process.


As mentioned in above point (a) that profiler try to modify the web.config file for the application for which you want to run the profiler. With visual studio 2012, it is always suggested to use IISExpress instead of using casini. To know more about IISExpress:


Written and Reviewed by:

 Deepak Mittal

 Support Escalation Engineer, Visual Studio ALM INDIA/EMEA Team